The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled

The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled
The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled
The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled
The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled
The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled
The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled
The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled

The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled

It's Been Called THE Holy Grail of Star Wars Posters! The 1978 Star Wars Concert Poster.

Barely existing in any form, with only a few dozen [machine-cut] finals surfacing since the end of the 1970s, "The Star Wars Concert Poster" has always been. Surrounded by a litany of.

I say "living" because it keeps changing to some degree as new information surfaces. I know that there are a number of astute collectors out there who are diligent about doing their homework. That is, whenever they're about to consider a serious acquisition.

If you're such a person, or if you're someone who's just interested in the inside info - read on - because you're likely not going to be aware of all of the new and relevant history involved in the making of "The Star Wars Concert Poster, " and so here's a full report on the product at hand. THE STAR WARS SYMPHONIC SUITE BY JOHN WILLIAMS. Despite considerable planning, lots of talk throughout the Star Wars community, and, legal expenditures incurred by Fox, the concert series was cancelled. Today, nobody seems to know why. I personally remember that back in 1979, right after the announcement that John Williams was to become the permanent conductor for the Boston Pops, "chatter" about the "Star Wars Concert" became permanently suspended. Before that, I'd heard lots of talk. Needless to say, without the concerts, the poster wasn't distributed to the public as planned. The few originals that now survive have all come from either the artist, John Alvin, Lucasfilm people, or executives who'd worked at Fox in the'70s.

However, I do know of at least a few originals that were distributed outside of that realm. In the early 1980s, there was a John Alvin hand-signed original that made its way into a radio contest as a top prize. It was won by a child listener. I was told that Lucasfilm or Gary Kurtz (Star Wars producer) consigned the posters. THE CONCERT POSTER'S RISE TO FAME.

Christmas to be exact - that's when this poster image first became popularized throughout the general public. Millions of first generation Star Wars enthusiasts, and their siblings, saw its full-page reproductions in "The Art of Star Wars" and in The Star Wars Poster Art Calendar. Both were smash hit gifts given during that holiday season. Subsequently, those two Star Wars presents became among the most widely distributed and largely seen print works released during the 1970s. By 1985, when Lucasfilm authorized the first official "Star Wars Checklist Poster, " almost every collector had already amusingly familiarized themselves with the "Concert Poster" through those two publications.

I can attest to the fact that long before "The Star Wars Checklist Poster, " "The Concert Poster" was already atop most advanced collector's personal want lists. Nevertheless, the release of the "Checklist Poster" had a profound and lasting effect over the widespread desirability and perceived value of the Concert Poster. By way of attrition, the "Checklist Poster" served nicely to educate collectors on the extreme rarity of the Concert Poster. That fact notoriously spread throughout the Star Wars collecting community, as "The Star Wars Concert Poster" quickly emerged to be the only poster shown on the face of the "Checklist" that collectors couldn't check-off. That status has never changed.

After its appearance on the "Checklist, " originals began to realize huge premiums at auctions and in private sales the few times they did appear on the market. By the 1990s, "The Star Wars Concert Poster" had achieved legendary or "Holy Grail" status throughout the Star Wars and vintage poster communities. Its reputation has continued to build in stature over the years, in part, because of the sustained rarity of the originals.

Almost four decades later, it's still nearly impossible to find an authentic one. The other part of its immense value is derived from the force of its own charm. Its classic composition, executed by the hand of famed poster artist John Alvin, is simply irresistible.

SEEKING OUT THE POSTER ARTIST. Even though "The Star Wars Concert Poster" wasn't in the collection that I was being offered, I bought the group anyway. Mainly, because I was being told that this set of proofs were coming directly out of Alvin's own flat-files. There were about one hundred signed and dated originals on the price list that I'd been sent.

Without omitting any of the duplicates, I bought them all. It worked in the sense that I achieved the direct contact with Alvin that I was expecting, but in the end it was a great disappoint, as he simply had no more to trade. To hear was Alvin cry on about how - for years - he tried to get more originals out of Lucasfilm. He was never able to get any movement on that front. He did subsequently achieve a large-scale assignment from the studio; a commission to render three different original paintings that appeared on the one-sheets for Willow, and so he surmised, they [Lucasfilm], may not have had many "Concert Posters" in their supply. I'd have to concur on that conclusion. I happen to know that Lucasfilm gave a number of the original "Concert Posters" out to their employees, early on, after the series got scrubbed. That's where almost all of the existing population of originals are known to have come from.

I've been able to gather all of this information through the process of trading posters full-time as a profession (no other job) since 1977. Because its been my occupation and avocation, I've been able to sustain an unusual dedication towards obtaining the very rarest of the top collectibles, and, the truth about their origins (not to mention their whereabouts). After thirty-nine successive years of doing this, I can honestly say that I've only been able to secure six (6) of the original 1978 Star Wars Concert Posters! Five of them came from the Lucasfilm people who'd gotten them in that initial flurry. The sixth one (found in that order) came from the fellow who'd won it on the radio when he was a kid.

I've had two of my originals safely tucked away since the very beginning, and so that's only left me with four of them to sell in as many decades. Now, that's my definition of a rare Star Wars poster. This poster measures approx 37 inches x 24 inches. This original has been kept between acid-free paper in a flat pack, and so the poster has NO CURL!

The poster will be sent in a special PVC crush-proof pipe-tube to assure it arrives undamaged. I've posted reformatted digitized versions of two newspaper articles John Alvin gave me when I bought his collection of his Artist Proofs. They give GREAT information about him and his artwork. They were both published in the mid 1990s at the peak of his career.

Check them out in the picture section of this listing. If you're looking for an investment/museum quality item. "Star Wars: The Last Jedi, " starring Mark Hamill - in what hopes to be the performance of his lifetime - is due out for release this December. The film is already causing quite the buzz around Hollywood.

Talk of an Oscar nomination is already in the air for the veteran actor as he reprises his signature role in this new large scale 21st century big-screen production. If that's not enough, additionally, Disney is constructing the TWO (2) world record largest theme parks ever built, and both are going to be 100% dedicated to Star Wars! When that happens, this poster will inevitably be a HOT PROPERTY.

Let's face it, it's red hot now, but it will undoubtedly become a white. Hot mamma when we round that bend. So pick it up now while it's still obtainable. Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi Anthony Daniels....

It can crash regardless of any decision you make and can even crash regardless of any decision made by the company related to the stock - Leaving you with a near worthless piece of paper that won't inspire anyone! Which can be displayed and enjoyed. The magnificence of art and historic documents have an inherent value that relates to civilization and society.

Please write with any questions. If you're in the market for top quality original vintage movie posters or Star Wars, then please. Announced today that renowned movie poster artist, John Alvin, passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, February 6th. Considered the pre-eminent movie campaign artist of the past 35 years, Alvin's career began in 1974 with his creation of the iconic movie poster for Mel Brook's "Blazing Saddles". He most recently contributed design ideas for the campaign for Disney Studio's Enchanted. In a career that encompassed multiple projects for such directors as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Blake Edwards, Mel Brooks and Ridley Scott, Alvin was considered by many studios as the go-to artist for movie poster and campaign art. John Alvin said that his work "created the promise of a great experience" and in that he never failed. Alvin and his wife, Andrea, had recently relocated to New York's Hudson Valley from Los Angeles in order to be closer to their daughter and only child, Farah, a Broadway actress.

John Alvin said that as a child he eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Sunday paper so that he could peruse the ads for the new movies playing at the local theaters. He was enamored with the magic of film at an early age and would create art inspired largely by his love of film. That passion led him to the Art Center College of Design where he met his wife, Andrea (also a student at Art Center) from which he graduated in the early 1970s. His big break came with the job to create the movie poster for Mel Brook's "Blazing Saddles" in 1974. This campaign led to Alvin creating the images for numerous other Brook's films including "Young Frankenstein".

His prominence in this medium was soon after established with his creation of the movie posters for Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner, " Steven Spielberg's E. The Extra-Terrestrial" and Blake Edward's "Victor/Victoria. Not only did Alvin create the movie posters for those particular films, but he also created many subsequent iconic film posters.

In all, Alvin created the posters for over 135 movies in a 35 year career. He is considered to be an innovator in this genre. Alvin's work is currently represented in several art galleries nationwide where his original paintings, drawings and limited edition fine art reproductions are displayed.

In his recent work, he continued to create iconic images for contemporary films like the Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean series. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the Food Bank Association of New York State or to your local Food Bank Association. The item "THE STAR WARS CONCERT MOVIE POSTER JOHN ALVIN'S BEST RARE ROLLED & RECALLED" is in sale since Thursday, March 01, 2018. This item is in the category "Collectibles\Science Fiction & Horror\Star Wars\IV\Star Wars".miniver" and is located in Studio City, California.

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The Star Wars Concert Movie Poster John Alvin's Best Rare Rolled & Recalled